How Intelligent we are as a Law Student?

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1. I'm not an expert person in using english as my second language... but, i cannot deny that in one day, in order to protect my religion, i should have the ability to communicate with oter person using the global language.

2. how can i be a 'shield of islam',if until now, i cannot speak very well to my friends and my lecturers in my class... So, start from now, at this precious time, i've to grab the callenge! Starting in writing, i'll try to improve my skill in communicating english. All of you, hopefully may help me...

3. I just want to give my opinion about our law that we practice right now... I don't know, how intelligent we are when in university, we are study about the law in our world,in our country, how to moot and so on.

4. Then,we are graduate with the label of a law student and looking for any firm to gain the experience of being a junior lawyer.

5. After at least 9 months, we will be a 'pure' lawyer. But, what happen is, we always burden with the sin. so much sins that we have to be responsibled in front of Allah at the day of judgement.

6. We defend a person that is charge of theft, then after many days we revel the truth,then finally he is not liable. but the second person that we are against was found gilty. So, the court was held to the offender to 3 years imprisonment and RM3000 as the fine.

7. But, the question that we, as a muslims lawyer have to ponder and wonder, about the punishment. Are the punishment to the offender as a theft is just?

8. The justice that we discuss right now here is, justice to the person, family,and to the other person of society.

9. How intelligent we are as the human,to against the law of God? our truth Creator? So, it is not a weird when from day to days, we are facing many cases that treat our life daily.

10. Just to you,as the Muslim and also to make you realize that we are now make the stupid thing to spend a lot of years to maintain the symbol of our enemies, JEWS!


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